Greatest guitar solo by Mark Knopfler with Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing live

When I was a kid a brand new invention called the CD player entered our lives. Along with it came, naturally, CD’s themselves. I was lucky enough that my parents decided to buy one of these CD players early on, while the music industry was still working very hard to produce these magic shiny discs with digitalized audio. I remember the exact moment when I was with my dad at the store buying this CD player and what’s a CD player without any CD’s? So, we also bought our very first CD over there. This was the magnificent Brother in Arms by the Dire Straits. As you can imagine I listened to this album A LOT back then. That’s the main reason the nostalgia for me towards this album is enormous. But, this great band has made many other magnificent albums. One of them being Sultans of Swing. On it, is a live version of a song with the same name. And I believe that it contains one of the greatest guitar solo’s of all time. Naturally this solo sounds even better when you listen to the song from the very beginning to the end and thankfully this can be done right here.

A good sing-a-long song

Now please let me know if you disagree if this is not the best song ever to sing a long with the volume at a volume that you can’t keep up that high for too long cause else your neighbors will start calling the cops. If you lived through the nineties, fully aware, then you will be one of them people that knows exactly what I mean. Enjoy! And don’t forget to turn that volume switch up higher as usual! EDIT: What an odd thing that exactly four days of posting this post the singer of the Cranberries Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan (Burton) died. Weird.

I was there! God I feel old right now…

Here’s a video from the TV-news in 1994 about the traffic chaos problems around Eindhoven the Netherlands caused by the hard-rock festival Dynamo Open Air that was visited by 125.000 people. Looking at the video now makes me feel really old because I was at this festival with two good friends when I was in my puberty and it all looks so dated looking at it now. I must say it was one of the coolest things I had ever experienced up till then. Actually… it was one of the best festivals that I ever experienced! The mud-slides played an important role in this I guess. I left the festival wearing the exact same clothes I was wearing when we came to the festival a couple days before. And I slept in those same clothes and didn’t shower the whole weekend and I believe I didn’t used a toothbrush that weekend. You can imagine that we came home with an actual “festival scent” of sweat, mud, beer and smoke and whatnot. Totally worth it. It was awesome. I’ve visited plenty of festivals after this one, and I still visit one now and again but I came to the conclusion years ago already that I will never experience another festival that was as great, huge and awesome as this one. I also like to add that moving the yearly returning festival from Eindhoven to some other location was the worst idea ever because that all went down hill for the festival organization pretty fast. Perhaps the uprising of the House-music generation also played a part in this since hard-rock and house music became two separate youth-cultures. Anyways.. good memories, good times, life can be really good at times.

I’m soo excited!

Today I’m going to an awesome party Back 2 the 90’s and I’m só excited about this. I used to visit a lot of party’s when I was younger and those moments have been some of the greatest in my life. These days I experience regular party’s a bit different because I’m old as fuck. But this party will be one where I will be among my peoplez again. Less people that are mostly concerned about how they look and more people that are there to have a good time. Also a thing about vibes. And to top it of, I’m going with two of the coolest women I know that I also used to party a lot with years ago. I love Angela and Dionne both a lot and I’m looking forward to having a good time with them in a setting like this. I feel an excitement in my body that I haven’t felt in a long time and it feels freakin’ awesome. Every time I had this feeling in the past it meant a good time was ahead. And I really need that. Some people visit a therapist  every so often for years on end. Other try to find their answers in church. Personally I decided long ago to stop looking for answers and create some sort of escape valve for nasty shit that opens up at party’s like this just by the means of dancing. And that helps me therapeutic wise, it’s a good exercise and I can really use more of those also, so physically it drains from me but mentally it charges me up and makes me deal with everyday life a lot better. Oh and there’s also the drugs of course. Drugs are fun.

I started to get myself in the right vibe by watching this video from a previous time, and I’m realizing at this very freakin’ moment that I’m happy. Life is good. Let’s enjoy it while we can!

Tony Award for Starlight Express (1987)

When I was a little kid my parents used to travel to England about once a year to visit my godmother who lived in one of those old English houses that can be called castles. I don’t mean a big house like a castle I mean an actual castle like in Downton Abbey, but not as big as that though. God I miss that place. It was the best, it was awesome, it was great. It was a play-garden for me as kid because every time I came there I had new things to discover. The name of the house was Heronden Hall, and it’s actually the one you see on the picture. You can image what an adventure those trips were for me. It was like a paradise for a innocent kid with too much imagination. On one of these trips my godmother took us to see the show Starlight Express in the Apollo Theater. It was back then the coolest thing I ever saw. It’s a memory that will stay with me until my last breath. Truth be told, it doesn’t look as glamorous on the video below as it did back then. But you gotta admit, it’s still pretty awesome even for today’s standards.

What does your life sound like?

For me personally my life feels pretty much like the following audio bits. It does get rather depressing in the end, but don’t look too much into that. From where we are standing there is only one linear path ahead of us, and that’s not a bad thing, but it can sadden me. No life without death right? No light without darkness. I could go on and on with more of these alcohol infused sayings but I won’t, for now…

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