Greatest guitar solo by Mark Knopfler with Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing live

When I was a kid a brand new invention called the CD player entered our lives. Along with it came, naturally, CD’s themselves. I was lucky enough that my parents decided to buy one of these CD players early on, while the music industry was still working very hard to produce these magic shiny discs with digitalized audio. I remember the exact moment when I was with my dad at the store buying this CD player and what’s a CD player without any CD’s? So, we also bought our very first CD over there. This was the magnificent Brother in Arms by the Dire Straits. As you can imagine I listened to this album A LOT back then. That’s the main reason the nostalgia for me towards this album is enormous. But, this great band has made many other magnificent albums. One of them being Sultans of Swing. On it, is a live version of a song with the same name. And I believe that it contains one of the greatest guitar solo’s of all time. Naturally this solo sounds even better when you listen to the song from the very beginning to the end and thankfully this can be done right here.

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