Host a registration page for your private WoW server

This post is an addition to something I posted recently: So, you have your own private WoW server running now, and you would like to invite some friends to come and play with you on your realm. That is exactly when this tutorial comes in handy! To streamline the process of creating a user… Read More »

Use this script to automate the setup of a live-stream server on Ubuntu 22.04

What the script does, is build a decent live-stream server for you, from scratch, on a machine running on Ubuntu 22.04. The live-stream server will be fully configured and work out-of-the-box, with an RTMP entry to send your stream to, Adaptive bitrate streaming for the viewers in HLS and/or DASH formats. A webpage with a very basic video player is also included, and a simple /stat page can be used to display some data on the live-streams. To top it all off, I included a couple of pointers that will help you on your way in this environment.

Build a private WoW WotLK server with NPC bots on Ubuntu 22.04

This tutorial guides you through setting up a private World of Warcraft server for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, using TrinityCore on Ubuntu 22.04 with NPC bots. It provides step-by-step instructions, starting from server prerequisites to editing config files and dealing with the databases. The author shares a personal connection with WoW, experiences with the game, and the motivation behind creating the server, highlighting the importance of the game’s social aspect and how innovation from the community has made such setups possible. The tutorial includes detailed technical steps and additional tools like Supervisor to manage the server processes.

Block countries based on Geo data with UFW firewall

I while ago, I wrote this post about how to block all network traffic from-and-to certain countries using UFW firewall based on recent Geo data. The statistics of this website show that this post is still one of the most popular posts here. Many people found their way here through Google searches like: UFW, Geo… Read More »

Harden Nginx for WordPress websites

Nginx is the most popular web server alongside of Apache. Personally, I am a huge fan of Nginx. One important reason for this is that Nginx can easily be setup to become a live-stream server. Also, it makes a great reverse proxy that can greatly improve the performance of any website when properly set up.… Read More »

What I’ve been working on

In the early summer of 2019 I purchased an Oculus Virtual Reality headset, and this made me discover my passion for 3D. A very popular “game” for the Oculus is VRChat, and in it people are allowed to upload their own worlds and avatars. Obviously, I wanted to try this out myself, so I started… Read More »

The god(s) of data-storage

I seem to have somehow upset the god(s) of data storage. It feels like I’m being punished, or at least challenged by them as of recently. Specifically the last three months. It feels like this for me because hard drives have been failing to the left and to the right of me, and even directly… Read More »

The Statue of LiberDre

I made this animation in Blender. I placed a 3D model of my very good looking head on a model of the statue of liberty that I downloaded from Sketchfab. Added a model of New York in the background that was compiled using drone shots. Learned how to create water in Blender, added the water… Read More »

The Super Bowl halftime show 2022

Yesterday was the yearly American Football Super Bowl event in the US of A, and if it weren’t for the traditionally, anticipated music performance during half-time, I couldn’t care less about it. But I respect everybody that loves the sport and I hope everybody had a good time! The artists that came together for the… Read More »

A little update

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted here so this little update is long due. I’ve been getting a LOT of responses to this little post here, and I want to thank specifically a person called James for responding to many comments that I haven’t commented on myself. I’ve not been keeping… Read More »

Whoopsie Daisy

I was preparing to post a new blog article until I noticed that I’ve missed a shit-ton of comments on some of my earlier posts. Because the web-server decided to stop sending me notifications on new comments. So, I’m very sorry for not getting back to all those people that left a comment. I’m gonna… Read More »


Reface is an app for Android and iOS that allows your to place your face on a pre existing images or video’s of something familiar like a celebrity or something. Here are some of the “reface’s” that I made that I think are pretty funny.

500 subscribers on YouTube

Today I’ve reached the mark of 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel. It may not be that much, especially when compared with popular Youtubers. But for me it’s special nevertheless. So thanks everybody!

Van De Planken

Here’s a recording of a podcast containing an interview with Dj Paul Elstak.