Breaking Bad Again

My dad still hasn’t seen Breaking Bad but never mind that right now. I watched the whole series for the 4th or maybe 5th time now. Seems like the more you watch it the better it gets. It’s just indescribable so I’m not going to try again. But I do want to talk about the episode that comes before the series finale episode. I noticed today that it gives me a shitload of goosebumps still. Even though I’ve seen that scene over 20 times already by now. To help you remember what I’m talking about here’s where we are in the series. If you haven’t seen the show yet don’t click on continue reading because SPOILER ALERT!

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Block all traffic from a Geo-located country with UFW firewall on Ubuntu

I was noticing some really strange requests in my web server’s log files on a VPS that I manage. Requests that seem to be focused on finding vulnerabilities or exploits. Turns out most of the originating IP addresses are from China. Since the VPS is not behind a router or otherwise managed firewall device, I decided to investigate if I could just block all traffic from China to my VPS. Turns out the software “Uncomplicated Firewall” or better know as UFW, that I already had running can do this easily. If you’re new to UFW have a look at this very comprehensive page showing how to set it up.

Here are two examples showing how to setup your UFW firewall to block IP addresses or ports based on Geo location. This should work on any system running UFW but in this case I did it on a headless Ubuntu 18.04 system. Click on Read more to view the rest of this article.

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Banjo Guy Ollie

It’s been a while, but I’ve stumbled across a Youtuber that I got very exited about during my most recent Youtube-binge-watch, or rather said; my most recent descent in to the dark abyss that I call my personal “Recommended list” on Youtube.

But I made it back!! I’m here, I’m doing ok. There’s nothing to worry about. For now at least…

I realize that this guy has probably been an internet celebrity for years already and that I’m perhaps one of the last few that hadn’t discovered it yet but hey, I just discovered it for the first time, and I’m enthusiastic right now so there you go.

This Youtuber calls himself Banjo Guy Ollie and among a variety of other things, he also plays retro game-tunes / theme-songs on a range of instruments but mainly the Banjo, and he, himself and him, make really fun video’s by editing them with him playing all the instruments, performing these 8-bit tunes that are forever stored in the back of the brains of most people from my generation. That generation of old farts by now, that grew up during a time in which video gaming or the whole concept of it was only just emerging. Interesting times, especially now in retrospect.

I can already see myself rambling on from this point on so to prevent this from happening I’m just gonna stop my train of thoughts and provide you with the link to this awesome video that shows Ollie nailing the Mega Read the rest

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Configuring DNS-Over-HTTPS on RaspberryPi running Pi-Hole

In this article I will show you all the steps you will need to set up DNS-over-HTTPS to Cloudflared on a Raspberry Pi that’s running Pi-Hole on RaspBian Stretch OS. This is called an Argo Tunnel. Now you might think to yourself; What does all this even mean? Let me explain…

A Raspberry Pi is a really cheap tiny computer that has very low power consumption. These tiny computers costs between 30 to 50 euro’s/dollars and are ideal for people who often mess around with computers and everything related to it, like me for example. But they’re also interesting for people who want to keep their power consumption at home as low as possible, but still want certain services to run 24/7. I’m also one of those people. Especially when I saw my most recent electricity bill from the energy provider. It showed that I use more power than a family of five people averagely does. I live alone…

One of the reasons I want certain devices to run 24/7 is because they are hosting some services that I want to be available at all times. Like a DNS server for example. Pi-Hole is basically a DNS server that also blocks adds, for all the devices in your home network. Technically it’s actually not a DNS server but a local DNS resolver but that’s not important right now. I started using Pi-Hole about two years ago and nowadays my network feels incomplete without a Pi-Hole running in it. It … Read the rest

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Unforeseen Consequences

As and old fart I remember playing games like Half-Life and Half-Life II and of course Counter-Strike when it was still just a beta mod for HL. I played Counter-Strike for countless and many of times. Also I played Half-Life and HL2 (source) even more. This is why I can really appreciate this docu video on Youtube that is all about HL and it’s history and everything else related.

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