Celebrate Life

I just saw this video below and I found it to be very positive and inspiring. It’s about a company I “stumbled upon” about 20 years ago, and eventually it transformed in to something more meaningful than “just a company I knew of”. It’s difficult to describe. Let’s just say I’m thankful and proud that I had the privilege to be part of a very unique youth culture that did not last very long but will always be a part of me for as long as I live. This part of my life was really interesting for me personally because of various reasons. I will be sharing more on that at some other time.

Back in the day, many people knew ID&T and the parties they organized and most became big fans. A testament to this would be that in my country, thousands of thousands people wear the company logo that ID&T had in those days as tattoo’s on their bodies. Be it in different variations. I don’t have one, yet. I’m waiting until I have reached my final ninja warrior form. I’m joking there but in all honesty, I haven’t abandoned the idea yet of also getting one, after all these years. Because for me and my friends of that specific generation, ID&T was considered an institute that was of much greater importance to us than for example the church or politics etc. This subculture is one that might easily be forgotten or already has been forgotten by the masses, but it sure as hell left it’s marks on the timeline so all you have to do is have a look at it to bring it back to life. So please visit this site again in the near future because I have plenty of things I want you all to look at.