Banjo Guy Ollie

It’s been a while, but I’ve stumbled across a Youtuber that I got very exited about during my most recent Youtube-binge-watch, or rather said; my most recent descent in to the dark abyss that I call my personal “Recommended list” on Youtube.

But I made it back!! I’m here, I’m doing ok. There’s nothing to worry about. For now at least…

I realize that this guy has probably been an internet celebrity for years already and that I’m perhaps one of the last few that hadn’t discovered it yet but hey, I just discovered it for the first time, and I’m enthusiastic right now so there you go.

This Youtuber calls himself Banjo Guy Ollie and among a variety of other things, he also plays retro game-tunes / theme-songs on a range of instruments but mainly the Banjo, and he, himself and him, make really fun video’s by editing them with him playing all the instruments, performing these 8-bit tunes that are forever stored in the back of the brains of most people from my generation. That generation of old farts by now, that grew up during a time in which video gaming or the whole concept of it was only just emerging. Interesting times, especially now in retrospect.

I can already see myself rambling on from this point on so to prevent this from happening I’m just gonna stop my train of thoughts and provide you with the link to this awesome video that shows Ollie nailing the Mega man 2 tune. Enjoy!

Unforeseen Consequences

As and old fart I remember playing games like Half-Life and Half-Life II and of course Counter-Strike when it was still just a beta mod for HL. I played Counter-Strike for countless and many of times. Also I played Half-Life and HL2 (source) even more. This is why I can really appreciate this docu video on Youtube that is all about HL and it’s history and everything else related.

BFA is just around the corner

And with BFA I mean the new Word of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth. This new expansion will be released exactly one week from now. The last expansion Legion was one of the best expansions we’ve seen over the years. I’ve enjoyed it very much. But to be honest I stopped playing World of Warcraft several months ago. And this freed up a lot of time to other things that I enjoy. So in that sense I didn’t miss playing WoW at all. In the last ten years I was always actively playing WoW whenever a new expansion came out. But this years I’m not so certain..
I’m trying to pump myself up by watching the latest cinematic trailers that have been released like the one below. And I’m making myself go online before the expansion is released because I still have some unfinished business in the game that I must finish before the release. But I’m having a hard time doing so. I guess 32 degrees Celsius is not exactly the ideal weather to spend behind your computer playing video games. We’ll see what will happen a week from now…


Have a look at the gaming room of this guy. He is actually one of the people who used to work for Sierra back in the 90’s. Or in other words, the glory days of gaming. I’m só jealous of this guy’s collection. I also want this also! I NEED THIS!! I REALLY NEED THIS BECAUSE OF REASONS!! I hate this guy so much right now. Not really of course 😉  Or do I? Ah well. I guess I should be happy with my collection as it is. It fits in one cupboard in my living room. Today I actually re-arranged some things while I was cleaning, and connected some equipment because I want to have it all set and in order for when I decide to some oldskool gaming. So earlier today I was feeling content and happy about the results and my collection as it is. Until I saw this video that is.. I seriously need more “real-life” currency so I can also start expanding my collection. In the near future I should go find for a new place to live where I can build my own game room that will be the same size as my whole apartment is at the moment. So, give me money!! You need to give me some money. It’s very important. I have an idea.. please click the following link and just follow the instructions. It will only take a minute. Thanks in advance! Now watch this fun video.

Access to alpha for Battle for Azeroth

Today I received an e-mail from Blizzard informing me that I have been selected to participate in the alpha test version for the upcoming expansion Battle for Azeroth. I hope this means that I will automatically also get access to the beta version that will be released soon. I’m not going to try the alpha version because well… it’s alpha. I’m not even sure if I will be trying the beta version or not. I had beta access before the last expansion was released and I didn’t really care much for it. But it’s nice to see that Blizzard is rewarding me, and other players that have been playing the game for about a decade.

Achieving Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker

Today was a good day for me in the World of Warcraft. I got my achievement Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker by killing Argus in Antorus on Heroic difficulty. That means I also received the awesome mount that goes really good with my transmog. Many thanks to Laurens and the people in his guild who made this possible by boosting me. So that’s one thing to cross of my in-game todo list. Next is to start farming reputation at Argussian Reach and Army of the Light factions. I must admit reaching goals like that was a lot easier when I was without a job. But I don’t have any problems with the fact that it takes me a bit more time as it used to. I still enjoy spending my free time on building towards these goals. Or I could switch to watching TV…. nah just kidding, who watches TV anymore? Click on the read more link below to see a short video of the fight with Argus. Oh and for the real fanatics here are the Warcraftlogs stats.

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Sea of Thieves

I don’t often think about playing any other game than World of Warcraft, but when I do, it’s about Sea of Thieves. After watching the video below I realized it might be a lot of fun and really entertaining to play with some friends and it comes pretty close to how me and my friends entertain ourselves in the world, of warcraft. One minor issue is that I don’t have an XboX One console. And I’m really bad at saving up money to make purchases like that. But when the new XboX One X model is released I will start looking in to buying a second-hand one because I assume that many die-hard XboX gamers will be purchasing the newer model and need to get rid of their old one.

This is going to change the world… of warcraft

Blizzard announced at Blizzcon 2017 that a new World of Warcraft called Battle for Azeroth expansion will be released somewhere next year. Awesome introduction cinematic, as always. I’m excited! I think most players are excited. Are you excited? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

The video below shows all the previous World of Warcraft Expansion cinematics in chronological order, including the very first one from 2004. That’s the one that marks my introduction to the game when I first started playing in 2006. Back then I had no idea, or couldn’t even imagine that the game would eventually become such an important part of my life in all the years to come, up to this very day. When I watch that first video nowadays, more than ten years later, it sometimes brings tears to my eyes because it instantly takes me all the way back to that period in my life, and I’m just a sucker for nostalgia.

Good news everyone! Blizzard announced that they will also be releasing classic “Vanilla” servers that are going to be like how the game was when it was first released in 2004 before any expansion was released. I’m really excited about this and very curious when we can expect them online. Below is the introduction video shown at Blizzcon 2017 during the announcement of classic realms that shows all the expansion cinematics in reverse as a way to show that we’re going back in time. How’s that for nostalgia?

The community around World of Warcraft is the best community there is. I’m thankful that I became a part of it and feel honored. I love each and every one of you that helped build this international community to what it is today, even the hordies. For the Alliance!!
I have the game, the awesome community and of course mostly my friends from our guild Vliegende Hollanders to thank for all the good times, laughter, social interaction and the great experience as a whole, in the world… of warcraft. A shout-out to all of you out there who who play or have played the game in the past, and who also feel emotionally attached to the World. I love you all, you’re in my heart. GG.