Have a look at the gaming room of this guy. He is actually one of the people who used to work for Sierra back in the 90’s. Or in other words, the glory days of gaming. I’m só jealous of this guy’s collection. I also want this also! I NEED THIS!! I REALLY NEED THIS BECAUSE OF REASONS!! I hate this guy so much right now. Not really of course 😉  Or do I? Ah well. I guess I should be happy with my collection as it is. It fits in one cupboard in my living room. Today I actually re-arranged some things while I was cleaning, and connected some equipment because I want to have it all set and in order for when I decide to some oldskool gaming. So earlier today I was feeling content and happy about the results and my collection as it is. Until I saw this video that is.. I seriously need more “real-life” currency so I can also start expanding my collection. In the near future I should go find for a new place to live where I can build my own game room that will be the same size as my whole apartment is at the moment. So, give me money!! You need to give me some money. It’s very important. I have an idea.. please click the following link and just follow the instructions. It will only take a minute. Thanks in advance! Now watch this fun video.

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