The god(s) of data-storage

I seem to have somehow upset the god(s) of data storage. It feels like I’m being punished, or at least challenged by them as of recently. Specifically the last three months. It feels like this for me because hard drives have been failing to the left and to the right of me, and even directly in front of me. And all within a crazy short amount of time. This is rather upsetting, because to me my data is valuable. My data truly is my precious. So the hard drives that store my data are to me equally as important as what a treasure room would be for a pirate that stores gold and loot in it.

Obviously losing a drive is never fun, and loosing several drives can even prove to become a bit stressful for a data-loving-minded person like me. Especially when the numbers of total storage capacity get really near the same as the numbers of total data that needs to be stored. My total capacity was hit with huge blows and forcefully, drastically reduced. Up to the point that it almost started to feel if I was tasked to solve a puzzle. The image here that I so brilliantly conjured up with my divine Photoshop skills shows some of the numbers on top of the actual failed drives.

A shitload of storage capacity

A handful of difficult lessons in the past have made me become more cautious with my data as the average person. Having a hard drive fail is nothing new to me, nor does it trouble me a lot. I already know that it’s not a matter if a drive will fail, but a matter of when it will fail. I like to think that I have enough precautions set in place that assure that I will never again completely loose certain data whenever a drive fails. I simply aim to have at least two copies in two different locations of any of my files, at all times. On top of that, these different storage locations should all be setup as RAID since this eliminates the single point of failure factor that exists when data is stored on just 1 physical drive. In my opinion these are the minimal requirement to safeguard your data.

I’m still a bit upset that I recently lost so many drives, but I should really try to let it go, let it gooo…. and focus on the positive sides to it. Because luckily it’s not all bad news. Au contraire monsieur! Au contraire.

The good news is that even though I’ve lost a lot of storage capacity, I haven’t lost any of my precious data. I’m actually rather pleased with the fact that my measures against data-loss seem to be working out great for me. I deserve a pat on my back for the efforts I put into this in the past. I’ll just pat myself after I’m done writing this.

So what did we learn today from this blog post right here? Well hopefully you see that I’m an extremely talented data storage manager, and I wouldn’t blame you if you’d say that I deserve a medal or something for it. Secondly, the illustration from earlier obviously speaks for itself when it comes to my Photoshop skills… and No, I don’t do request, sorry.

All kidding aside now, more importantly, I hope that my story made YOU think for at least a second about your own data store solution(s), and what you should do, or could do to improve the safety of your data. Chances are that you already know what must be done to safeguard your data better, but you never get around to it, because you never had any problems with it before, and you kid yourself that you’ll do this before any drive starts to fail. You do know that you’re doing this?

My story shows that disaster sometimes strikes from several directions at the same time, and that it may prove worthwhile to reconsider your data storing options, and take action when necessary.

Wouldn’t you agree that a URL to an affiliate site, or some add to products would fit in so perfectly right now in this article? I can think of some!! But you’ll have to do without these since we don’t do any of that here. Perhaps some other time. Have a great day!