Finally somebody who listens to me!

First I should refer you to this post from back in May because else the rest of this post might not make any sense to you. Today I found out that a good friend did not see the show either! And he’s my age. At first I wanted to punch him in the face for it, but turns out that he’s now working day and night to binge through it and I just received a message that said he’s really enjoying the show. Well, I’ll keep the punch for other time then, cause he needs to be punched for other reasons as well. I’m just happy that he finally choose for himself to delve in to this adventure we call Breaking Bad.

My dad hasn’t seen Breaking Bad

Today I found out that my dad has NOT seen Breaking Bad (yet). Even though I mentioned the show numerous times to both my parents and tried to convince them to at least try and see for themselves if they would like it or not. The fact that my dad has never done so, is, as you will all understand, totally unacceptable. Now I know that he’s mostly just interested in lawyer-related or detective TV-Shows, and I’m guessing that about 90% of them are British productions, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. On the contrary!! The Brits produce good quality stuff, and unfortunately often under-appreciated among the wider masses. Certainly my dad has a fine taste for good TV-shows, and that’s why I believe he shouldn’t miss out on one of the best shows ever made. I would love to give him the gift of ‘the Breaking Bad experience’. Now I know my dad, and there’s a big change that he won’t love it as much as I do, and also a reasonable chance that he will not like it at all! If this turns out to be the case than I will naturally be forced to disown him and remove his name and the rest of his family from my testament.

My dad recently asked me what show I was watching, so I told him I was watching a show about a law firm, since I know he loves those, but I immediately had to disappoint him because it would not make ány sense for him to watch Better Call Saul without having seen Breaking Bad first, due to the fact that it’s a spinoff. So he replied that he might perhaps some day, maybe, have a look at Breaking Bad. Sóów, he obviously needs a bit more convincing and that’s why I wrote this post. So, daddy dear, Breaking Bad is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most critically acclaimed TV-show all-time. Just saying dad, just saying…