Breaking Bad Again

My dad still hasn’t seen Breaking Bad but never mind that right now. I watched the whole series for the 4th or maybe 5th time now. Seems like the more you watch it the better it gets. It’s just indescribable so I’m not going to try again. But I do want to talk about the episode that comes before the series finale episode. I noticed today that it gives me a shitload of goosebumps still. Even though I’ve seen that scene over 20 times already by now. To help you remember what I’m talking about here’s where we are in the series. If you haven’t seen the show yet don’t click on continue reading because SPOILER ALERT!

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I’m in love with the New Girl

I’ve fallen in love! You might say that this is great for me, and I should probably be happy. The thing is though; I’ve fallen in love with a non existing person… again. I’m totally in love with a character in a TV-series called New Girl. The name of the actress is Zooey Deschanel, and she’s really pretty, but of course looks aren’t everything. The actress is not the person I’m in love with. That would just be silly right? Cause I have no idea what she’s really like. Not that falling in love with a non existing character that she plays is any less silly but ok.. I’m in over my ears in love with Jessica Day. She’s the perfect woman for me. She’s smart, funny, weird, clumsy, shameless, nerdy and she looks exactly like her actress Zooey so she’s also sexy and very good-looking. Now this is not the first time that I’ve fallen in love with a non existing person. I guess I should have learned my lesson by now and not let it happen again but this one caught me totally by surprise.

A while back I was really tired and almost ready to go to bed, so I didn’t want to watch the next episode of a show that I was binge-watching on Netflix because I was afraid I might not be able to watch it till the end. So I decided to watch a show that I had really low expectations of and was only 20 minutes per episode. I was under the impression that New Girl would be a regular American sitcom with bad humor and that was exactly what I was looking for at that moment. Turns out that this show is actually pretty funny, if not hilarious. Usually those regular sitcoms I mentioned don’t make me laugh out loud, or at all. But after watching a few episodes of the New Girl I noticed that I was literally laughing out loud at least once or twice per episode. The more you get to know the characters the funnier they become as the series progresses. I stopped watching the show that I was binge-watching earlier and I started binge-watching the New Girl. After a while I noticed that I was thinking to myself that this Jessica character would be the ideal partner for me. One season later I had to conclude that I completely fell for Jessica and that I LOVE HER! All this sounds pretty desperate right? It is.. It really is. I blame the writers! Damn you writers!!
Unfortunately we don’t have the technology yet that allows us to have a virtual partner that lives in a computer and uses holograms for appearance, like shown in this scene from the Blade Runner 2049 movie as an example. As soon as technology has caught up with my needs as a anti-social person, and I’m certain it will some day, I hope it will be possible to upload a template file for a new virtual partner. After watching New Girl I already know what this template file should be based on. I might even call her Jess once this virtual partner comes to “life”. I really want this to happen during my lifetime. So come on technology! I have needs as a person and I want to be loved, even if it’s not real, as long as it feels real. So hurry it up will ya technology! Make this a real thing please.

My dad hasn’t seen Breaking Bad

Today I found out that my dad has NOT seen Breaking Bad (yet). Even though I mentioned the show numerous times to both my parents and tried to convince them to at least try and see for themselves if they would like it or not. The fact that my dad has never done so, is, as you will all understand, totally unacceptable. Now I know that he’s mostly just interested in lawyer-related or detective TV-Shows, and I’m guessing that about 90% of them are British productions, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. On the contrary!! The Brits produce good quality stuff, and unfortunately often under-appreciated among the wider masses. Certainly my dad has a fine taste for good TV-shows, and that’s why I believe he shouldn’t miss out on one of the best shows ever made. I would love to give him the gift of ‘the Breaking Bad experience’. Now I know my dad, and there’s a big change that he won’t love it as much as I do, and also a reasonable chance that he will not like it at all! If this turns out to be the case than I will naturally be forced to disown him and remove his name and the rest of his family from my testament.

My dad recently asked me what show I was watching, so I told him I was watching a show about a law firm, since I know he loves those, but I immediately had to disappoint him because it would not make ány sense for him to watch Better Call Saul without having seen Breaking Bad first, due to the fact that it’s a spinoff. So he replied that he might perhaps some day, maybe, have a look at Breaking Bad. Sóów, he obviously needs a bit more convincing and that’s why I wrote this post. So, daddy dear, Breaking Bad is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most critically acclaimed TV-show all-time. Just saying dad, just saying…

Fresh Meat

Finally!! I’ve found a new show to binge. It’s been a while since I did some serious binging. Might be weeks, perhaps even months! Hallelujah Netflix, praise you internet, thank you mother Data for bringing me Fresh Meat. British shows always need a bit more time to warm up to. I believe this is because British shows usually choose to let the viewers get acquainted with the characters because that builds a solid foundation to write episodes for. At the very beginning I didn’t think Fresh Meat would become as entertaining as it turns out to be, or has become, or whatever. I’m a big fan of the Dutch girl Sabine who is as Dutch as Dutch can be. my favorite quote: “maja kan jou natuurlijk geen reet schelen”. The show digests easily, and I noticed that at the end of season one I started enjoying it more and more. I’m mid season 2 now and I’m préétty certain I’ll be hitting season four tomorrow. I also rate this show an extra thumbs up as it is perfect media to consume on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon especially when hungover thumbs-up

Update: I’ve laughed myself to tears at least once per episode. This is not a show where the jokes that don’t make you laugh are fired as salvo at you with some laughing people soundfile on the background. These jokes come and grab you by the tits out of nowhere and when you think of them more they become even more funny. Also I’ve been smoking some weed but I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.

Adèle Bloemendaal: Eens wil ik er van af zijn

Oh my god this show is depressing. My advice is: don’t watch it! But if you’re like me and take that sort of advice as an incentive to actually watch it, well try to see what the maker did here, an amazing job, but like I just said, it’s really depressing. I just finished watching it and I will now go to bed and cry myself to sleep, hopefullly. Good luck!

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