The Statue of LiberDre

I made this animation in Blender. I placed a 3D model of my very good looking head on a model of the statue of liberty that I downloaded from Sketchfab. Added a model of New York in the background that was compiled using drone shots. Learned how to create water in Blender, added the water and a bit of mist. And after this was done rendering I added some audio …


Reface is an app for Android and iOS that allows your to place your face on a pre existing images or video’s of something familiar like a celebrity or something. Here are some of the “reface’s” that I made that I think are pretty funny.

Van De Planken

Here’s a recording of a podcast containing an interview with Dj Paul Elstak.

Video source missing

Thunderdome Tattoos van Vlaamse Gabber Nick

This clip is from Spike TV. Some tattoo show, I can’t remember the name. If you like the video, you should really subscribe to my channel because YouTube wants you to do so. As you can see from the image below, I need 1000 subscribers before YouTube will start paying me money for my YouTube content. So everybody SUBSCRIBE!

Corona Drones!

When I heard about these Corona drones on the news I immediately imagined a scene similar to what you see in the video… And I couldn’t sleep until I actually finished creating this video. I have no idea why, since it’s not even funny. Ah well, at least it kept me inside the house for the whole evening, and Corono outside, so that’s something. Right?

Main rules of the Internet

Today I was in a conversation and I wanted to refer to a very famous rule that belongs to “the main rules of the internet”, but I couldn’t remember it so that conversation went weird really fast. So after I googled it and it turns out it I was trying to refer to rule 34. I also took a serious good look at all the other rules of the internet, …

The god of burps

I know it might be a bit immature but but I just can’t help laughing my ass of at this video. He’s got talent!

The quest to find Leeroy

If you are not a World of Warcraft player you should stop reading right now because this post will probably not make any sense to you. I’ve decided to embark on a quest to find Leeroy. He’s not dead yet so he’s got to be somewhere! I will start where the Terminator also started his quest; in the phone-book registry. So let’s start making some calls! I will post the …

I am the admin!

This video is only funny if you are in ICT and also familiar with the TV-show Breaking Bad.

I just died in your arms tonight

I have to resist the temptation to start posting a lot of cat things. But this one..  I just HAVE to post it. Watching this video did not only make me laugh, tears included, but it also somehow made me happy. Honestly, very happy. Behold, the king of cats from the 80’s. Edit: Turns out I like to come back and rewatch this video. Turns out this video can make …