The Statue of LiberDre

I made this animation in Blender. I placed a 3D model of my very good looking head on a model of the statue of liberty that I downloaded from Sketchfab. Added a model of New York in the background that was compiled using drone shots. Learned how to create water in Blender, added the water and a bit of mist. And after this was done rendering I added some audio in the form of the Sinatra song. See the result below. CAN YOU SPOT THE MAJOR FAIL IN THIS VIDEO? I made a stupid mistake with the animation that is clearly visible in the video, if you can notice it. My guess is that most people won’t even notice it when they watch it just once. But if you see it +1 times then you might notice something that is not as it should be. I’m actually really curious if people who can watch the video with an objective eye will be able to spot the huge error in this video. So please leave a comment.
I can’t be bothered to render it all over again, cause it takes up a lot of time and all the resources of my desktop, but I should… because once you notice it, you won’t be able to un-notice it, and therefore this render actually belongs in the recycle bin.