A little update

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted here so this little update is long due.

Thank you James

I’ve been getting a LOT of responses to this little post here, and I want to thank specifically a person called James for responding to many comments that I haven’t commented on myself.

I’ve not been keeping up with those as good as I should have. Sorry about that.

Although I am still open for questions regarding setting up a live-stream server, I have personally shifted my interest to all that is 3D related. Obtaining the Oculus Quest 2 got it all started.

I spent some time in Virtual Reality and experienced many great environments, and decided, I can also do this. I can also become a 3D artist! I am not totally sure if I actually can achieve this, but the fact that I’ve been messing around with 3D software since the late 90’s gives me some confidence that I can. I’m talking about 3D studio 4, by Autodesk, in the DOS era. Yes I am that old, shut up.

So recently I picked up this earlier hobby of mine and got started messing around in Blender, and some other apps as well, and I ended up creating a 3D environment of my own home. Many, MANY hours of work went in to that as I’m still a beginner and I’m learning every day how to get stuff done in Blender. And Blender, I must say, is freakin’ awesome! You can literally do anything with Blender. I’ve become a huge fan. I’m having so much fun learning everything there is to learn about this app that can really do ánything. The only limitation is your own imagination. I’m serious.

I’m really enjoying being on this path of learning and I’m totally in to 3D and anything related. So what I’m trying to say here is basically; I’m still able and willing to help anybody who believe they need my help out with my services, although I won’t be giving it away for free anymore, as I have been doing most of the times. Time is money and I am currently investing all my spare time in mastering the art of 3D modeling and animation. But for a pair price I can easily be persuaded in to lending a helping hand where a helping hand is needed. So yeah… that’s all I wanted to share here right now, and this leaved me with saying thank you to all you people who made a couple of my Youtube video’s really popular, and if you decide to ask me for help, please be as descriptive as you can when you are describing your issue to me.

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