Wifi networks on WAP321

I own a Cisco WAP321 wireless access point and it’s a pretty neat device because it allows you to create multiple different (separated) wifi networks. For home use that option is not really very interesting. Well unless you want guests in your house to use a different wifi network so that they won’t stumble upon you’re fileserver and find your huge collection of ‘out of the ordinary’ weird, cheap, really twisted, amateur and/or self-made porn. I’m certain there are ‘some’ of you out there where this could be a plausible situation. Not me of course, I don’t store any porn (myself), but I’m drifting off-topic so back to the WPA321.

Recently I received a list with funny names to call your Wifi network but I just couldn’t choose one in particular so I enabled to option to activate all the additional wifi networks on the device, and as of now my wifi network list is no longer filled with default modem names from all the neighbors, but looks like what you see on the image. I wonder if enabling that many networks will influence my main wifi network in a negative way due to interference or something. But then again, who cares I only use wifi for my phone, and to hack my neighbors wifi networks. Just kidding haha.

I’m seriously considering making an open wifi network with no password and monitor if and who is going to use it. Also it will send everybody who made a connection to a captive portal website and place something funny there but I haven’t been able to think of anything yet, but I will soon 🙂