Fear the Walking Dead vs The Walking Dead

Most people know or have heard about the series The Walking Dead. If you’ve never heard of it you must have been living your life under a rock or in a virtual game-world for too long or something. I enjoyed that show because it was something I never saw before in the form of a series. I must say that I didn’t really care for all of the seasons so far. The season in the prison became boring as f pretty fast. But nevertheless it’s a good watch, especially to binge-watch it, but in my opinion, Fear The Walking Dead is much, much better. It’s the same background setting as TWD but much earlier in the timeline. When the infection was still spreading around and people fleeing and creating safe zones. It has so much more excitement and tension, but also the characters are really well profiled individually. The actors also do a pretty good job at their performances. I would give Fear The Walking Dead an 8 and The Walking Dead a 7 out of 10. It’s halfway season 2 now so it’s not too late to hop on board en join the zombie sensation.