500 subscribers on YouTube

Today I’ve reached the mark of 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel. It may not be that much, especially when compared with popular Youtubers. But for me it’s special nevertheless. So thanks everybody!

Ubuntu is also a political party?

I was watching the results of yesterday’s voting elections and found out that there’s a local political party in Amsterdam called Ubuntu so I was like WTF!?

The War Show 2017 (2doc)

Please forget about your worries for the day and have a look at the following documentary that was aired on national public Dutch television the day before yesterday. You can watch it when you click on “Read more”. The read more button should be visible below here somewhere. If you manage to find it, then CLICK IT! Just do it, it’s your duty. Make sure you watch it till the …

Jules Deelder @ Jinek

Jules Deelder at his “best” at talkshow Jinek. It’s worth watching the complete show because it’s an adventure for all the other guests right from the start till the end.

Time flies when you’re geeking out

I’ve been really busy these last few weeks setting up all sorts of IT related things since I moved to a new home with a 500 mbps fiber connection to the mother-milk-tit we call the internet. I was really getting into learning all there is to know about the 100% free Sophos UTM for Home use. But when I messed up the whole configuration and basically broke it, I decided …

New URL for WordPress site

I love WordPress a lot and I decided to host a brand new WordPress blog at the address currently showing in your address bar. Importing all my older WordPress content failed because the gap between the database versions was too big. And I could not be bothered to go through the whole process of converting them because who cares right? New posts will be located at this subdomain address from …