World of Warcraft addons that I like and recommend for Legion

I love the fact that the game World of Warcraft allows and provides the option to use addons. I especially love the ones that let me customize the User Interface to my own liking. I run a reasonable amount of addons and I will list the most important ones in a list below. Some players believe that an experienced wow player (I like to think of myself as one of those) doesn’t need addons to play. And there’s some truth in that of course. But it’s not that I nééd them, I just prefer them because they bring some extra things in to the game that I like. So if you are one of those people, screw you and have fun looking at that same UI for more time to come. So here’s the list of my most important addons.

Advanced Interface Options – Many default interface options have been removed since Legion came out. This brings most of them back.
Archy – Only install this if you are actively doing archeology. It has some really nice features
AtlasLoot Enhanced – I can’t even remember a time that I did not use this addon.
Bagnon – Doesn’t everybody already know bagnon? It’s a very popular addon for bag management.
Battleground Targets – Shows what classes and players are on the enemy team in battlegrounds.
ClassAnnouncer – When you target a player in battleground a voice will tell you what class they are.
Clique – Not sure how to describe this addon other than it’s a great tool for healing classes.
DeadlyBossMods – If you don’t have this addon you should be ashamed of yourself!
Death Note – Ever wonder what instantly killed you or who it was and how much damage it did? Type /dn when you died.
ElvUI – This is my favorite addon or package of addons all time. It has incredible amounts of options to customize your UI.
Fishermans’s Friend – If you want to go fishing, you might as well do it good and make it easy for yourself.
GladiatorsSA – Some might think of this addon as a “hack”. I don’t agree. This addon is super handy in PVP.
GTFO – Stands for Get The Fuck Out. It will inform you whenever you are standing in the fire, something you shouldn’t do btw.
HandyNotes – Shows you interesting places and how to get there on your world map. Don’t forget to add the plugins for this addon.
HealersHaveToDie – Shows an icon above mobs or enemy players that indicate they are healers. Handy in both PvE and PvP.
HearKitty – Plays distinct orchestral sounds as you gain and spend your combat resources like Combo Points or Holy Power.
LiteAssist – A tiny addon that does the same as macro’s that many players use to target their tank’s target, but easier.
Mapster – Adds some extra functionality to your world map window.
Master Plan – Not sure if this addon will be updated to accommodate the new mission system but for garrison use it’s unmissable.
MikScrollingBattleText – Take control over how the combat and other messages and numbers are shown to you.
Notes – A small notebook to keep record of whatever you want to keep record of. I use it as a ToDo list and reminders etc.
NPCscan – Shows alerts when you come across special rare enemies that you haven’t defeated yet.
Postal – Makes it so much easier to send in-game mail to your alts and keeps tracks of this.
Rarity – If you are like most players a collector of mounts or pets or toys then this addon is for you.
ServerHop – This addon let’s you hop from one server or realm to another by joining auto-invite raid groups.
Skada – If you want to keep track of your DPS or HealsPerSecond etc, you need an addon like Skada.
TellMeWhen – It tells you when an event that you configured to be shown is happening. Takes some effort to configure.
TidyPlates – I like the new nameplates in Legion but for PvP I still prefer using TidyPlates in combination with some plugins.
TomTom – Adds a lot of navigation options to the game. Can be very useful at certain times.
WeakAuras 2 – This addon can do so many things I don’t know where to start. Takes a lot of effort to configure though.
World Quest Tracker – A practical addon that is focused on keeping tracks of the newly added world quests.

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