About Dre

“Sometimes i believe the web is a big plot to keep people like me away from everyday society”

Hi there and welcome! Thank you for visiting my little blog. And thanks even more for opening this page you’re looking at right now. My name is André and I live in the Netherlands. I’m in my late thirties but don’t feel like my age at all. Some people even said that I don’t act like my age either, but I don’t really care about that. It’s actually my intention to never fully become an adult. Cause why would anybody want to do that?

At this moment in my life I don’t have a lot of responsibilities and I’m fine with that, because this means that I can do everything that I want to do. One of those things is spending reasonable amounts of time in an online multiplayer game called World of Warcraft. But also I love to mess around with computer related things in my home-lab, that is starting to look more and more like a data center. I spend ridiculous amounts money on my energy bill. But I’m single so I can handle it. I’m always working on something and I have a long to-do list of things I still want to do. Some projects work out great, and other projects are like lessons to me through trial and error. I’m a huge, typical nerd, or rather a geek when it comes to computers and I can have long conversations about the subject with other geeks. You will be seeing what sort of things I like to mess around with in this blog in the future since that is one of the main reasons I decided to create this blog. Besides computer/internet and World of Warcraft related stuff I might also blog some total random things that I feel like posting cause… It’s mah blog.

I have a cat. I thought about creating a Facebook page for her but it turns out her spelling and grammar is really bad. She listens to the name Miss Poes. In my language that name has a funny double meaning but I’m not going to try to explain that. I’m a huge fan of penguins, and I have no idea why. I just love everything about them. It’s really silly.

My profession is, or was, in ICT. Mostly support and a bit of engineering. No top, high payed jobs since I don’t have the papers to show all the things I have mastered. But, currently I am without a job so who cares. Being without a job gives me plenty of time to kill bosses, farm mounts, defective hardware to fix and operating systems to install. I also try to invest more time in my DJ-ing skills and should really put more effort in that, and I will, soon. All in good time. That’s about all I can think of right now that I want to share here.

To finish it off, here are a couple of random words that are meaningful for me in no particular order: Pizza, friends, movies, cats, listening to music, penguins, making music, games, Ubuntu, love, the universe, internet, beer, the 90’s, freedom, TV-shows, technology, food, gabber, the meaning of life, parents, alcohol, Linux, sex, drugs, family, House, the 80’s, happiness, wine, World of Warcraft, parties, depression, life, death. And of course Unicorns.